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Philippine College of Surgeons Guidelines for COVID-19

By: Rodney Dofitas, MD / Anthony Dofitas, MD

The Philippine College of Surgeons have released guidelines which aim to help health practitioners in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 2020, they have released a number of digital announcements and publications. Here are some highlights:

  1. Total cancellation of cancer surgeries is NOT recommended.

    (link: PCS_March-15-Cancer-Commission-Recommendation-on-Cancer-Surgeries-FULL.jpg (831×1830))

    Experience of other countries as well as improvement of operating room protocols have led to more acceptable safety outcomes. Though there are still exemptions to this as heavily endemic COVID-19 areas still would warrant further assessment and deliberation with regards to cancellation or postponement of surgery on a case-to-case basis.

  2. Minimize scheduling of elective or non-critical surgeries.

    (link: PCS-COVID-no.1.pdf)

    Although this guideline was published at the height of the pandemic last March 2020, the concepts still hold true to an extent even today. If the surgery is non-urgent or non-essential, then it is recommended to postpone the surgery to a later date to prevent unnecessary exposure of patients.

  3. Employ COVID-19 testing for patients undergoing surgery.

    (link: PCS-COVID19-Post-ECQ.pdf)

    If feasible, testing should be implemented to prevent inadvertent contamination of surgical team as well as to avoid further exacerbation of COVID-19 infection of the patient.

  4. Wear appropriate PPE for different settings, based on exposure risk level.

    (link: pcs-guideline-PPE-for-surgery-pcs-news.png (737×960))

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